We, Jesse and Anna, started TEMPER from worlds apart- literally. Jesse was based in Seattle, Washington and Anna as an expat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Anna is now back home in Tacoma, Washington and we continue to work closely with our workshop and fresh new team members in Cambodia to keep the motion of TEMPER in process.

Our ties go way back: we've trekked the mountains together, rode around The Charming City in tuk tuks, drank coconuts on gritty dirt roads, played and pandered with all the fun to be had in the States, and have had many a fun run around town. 

When Jesse visited Anna in Cambodia in August 2013, we decided to finally take the plunge and do something exciting together by combining our very different skillsets. We created a jewelry line that blends simplicity, unity, beauty, and culture- that of America and Cambodia. As we went through the initial design process for our first line, we thought of the types of things we wanted to wear or see each and every day; not clanking bangles, gaudy earrings (although there's nothing wrong with some smash costume jewelry!), or heavily woven pieces. Instead we wanted classic, fun, interesting, yet luxurious everyday tokens to be worn with joggers and a white tee or a glorious draped gown.